Love Spell, Love Spelling, Love Spell Harry Potter

 Love Spell, Love Spelling, Love Spell Harry Potter

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Hey guys, Love Spell it's Tina. And I'm back with another . Today. We're doing something a little bit different. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a Love Spelling really simple love spell a very practical spell that you can do with items that you probably have in your own home. It's called a sweetening spell because it's Love Spell Harry Potter to essentially make somebody sweeter towards you sweet on you. If you use it on somebody you're currently with. It can be used to make them more affectionate. It can be used to make them more expressive. But you can also use this for friendship. You can use it on like your boss. If you want your boss to be nicer to you you can use it. If you have like a court date coming out in you want to like sweeten the judge to your favor. It's just used to Wheaton people up.

Love Spell, Love Spelling, Love Spell Harry Potter

Love Spell Harry Potter

You got me but you can absolutely use it on your crush and you can absolutely use this on your partner. You can use this romantically of course, but it can be used in a lot of different ways to cook Swai. The spell is so cool. And it's super easy. You're going to need a jar of honey in for my vegans. You can use Agave. If you can use maple syrup, if you can use anything that's generally sweet and you're going to need a chime candle candle really that will fit a top of the jar. You're going to need some oil to dress your candle, which I'll get into I use lavender oil a lot.

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But you can use any oil that, you know relates to your current situation. If you can, you know people like to use like rose oil or different things like that, like they have specific oils for love and for different purposes. Also and lavender is really good for queer love for my queries out there. Lavender is always like a goat shoe cuz Rose tends to be very like heteronormative. So if you're like a queer person, you know, but anyway,

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I need a piece of paper preferably a brown piece of paper. I'd Griffith off a paper bag to make sure all the edges are completely ripped know like beard off edges and a pen. So here's what we're going to do if you're going to take your paper like so

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And then are you write the name of the person you were trying to attract or the person that is disposed for over your name three times. But before you do that, you're going to want to turn the paper to to write and then go write their name over your name three times.

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So you're going to write your petition, which is your desire or what you want in a circle around your name and you don't lift your pen off of the paper while you do this. If you're doing this for you know, you're Crasher whoever you can write like love me. If you're doing it for like a friend someone you want to be friends with you can write friendship or you know, if you're doing it for your boss and you want them to be nicer to you. You can write like kind or you no respect something like that. You just have to write what you want.

Okay, go after we're done writing our petition we will take this essential oil that were using and I'm going to put three drops onto the center of the paper just like so 1 2 3.

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You take the paper and you fold it three times chords you and clockwise like so full that once towards you turn it clockwise towards you again clockwise towards you again. Three times feel it with a kiss cuz it's a love spell always dealing with the kids.

And if you want the subs work faster, you can add a little bit of cinnamon to it. I have cinnamon, but it's somewhere else. I don't feel like getting up to get it but you can put some cinnamon in it could cinnamon always make your spells work faster close up your Honey Jar.

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If you're trying to attract energy you put you put the oil downwards. If you're trying to repeal like in a banishing spell or something, which I know know. I may go over if you're interested. You would do it the opposite way you would go up. But for this one's, you know, we're attracting energy.

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We have our will we have our Honey Jar down? We have our petition paper in it. And these cells are to be done on a Friday because that is the day of Venus which is you know, it's the planet of love so every Friday you'll take your candle.

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Do you want just like burn the bottom of it a little bit which I don't have a lighter, but I have so many candles around so you burn the bottom of it a little bit to get on top of the jar.

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So it sticks that you light your candle every Friday and you will see results and it still does work. It should take its pending on how good your Law of Attraction schools are it can work and it's bass's up to one day if it was in three weeks. You should see results and the thing about spell any type of spell is any anxiety or any worried that the cells not going to work if that's what makes yourself not work. So when you light it just be sure that it's going to work because it will work. I'm telling you that it will work. Let it go let it go to the universe and Watson come towards you. Okay. So if you like this video or leave me a comment of what you might want to hear what you're interested in and good luck.

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